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The place where you not only discover news with friends, but also listen to when there’s no time to read. Connect with friends and listen to trending news as it is read aloud to you. Chat about news topics, save articles for later and share stories with your contacts. RedLoud brings the most popular news to your ears.


With 27 Languages, RedLoud automatically translates any article content to your preferred language. This is perfect for discovering and researching world news.

It's Convenient

Post any news article link or select any topic from our trending news tab. RedLoud will detect the language and read it out loud to you. Also, use the bookmark feature to automatically saved articles in RedLoud to be read later.


Text to Speech - displayed and highlighted

Trending News page

Saved article page where you can find all your bookmarked articles

Audio controls with Play/Stop, Restart and Progress

Male and Female voice preference

27 Languages for translation

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